Q: What types of foundation and concrete projects does your company handle?

A: Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas. We handle basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, concrete flatwork, repairs of bowing, leaning, collapsed foundation walls, epoxy flooring installation and more! We can handle projects large and small. We possess experience in a variety of areas, and we are prepared to take on any new challenge. You can see many examples of Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc.’s varied projects around Pennsylvania, including those in our Project Gallery.

Q: What should be my first step if I am interested in working with Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc.?

A: When you are considering a new foundation or concrete project, we recommend contacting Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. as soon as possible during the initial stages of your project. The earlier that we get involved in your project, the better. We can control variables like costs and the projected time frame of your project. During an initial planning meeting with Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc., we will discuss payment or financing options and develop a solution that best fit your needs and budget.

Q: What size project can Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. manage?

A: At Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. , we can handle any size foundation or concrete project. Whether you need a company for simple projects such as fixing a concrete patio or for a large commercial underpinning project ranging in the millions, we will bring the same top notch quality that we provide in each project we complete. To see more about our company’s record of providing superior customer service and outstanding customer satisfaction, view our Testimonials page.

Q: Is Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. a residential or commercial contractor?

A: Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. is both a residential and commercial contractor. We have residential and commercial divisions with teams who specialize. Please feel free to contact us regarding any type of residential or commercial project. If we cannot take on your project, we will be more than happy to lead you in the right direction to a reliable company who can.

Q: Does your company have in house engineers?

A: No. However, we have long standing working relationships with many highly qualified engineering firms. This allows us to select the firms with the best fit for the project needs.

Q: Do you perform work in states other than Pennsylvania?

A:  Yes, please visit our Contact page to inquire about work being completed in other states.

Q. When hiring a residential or commercial foundation and concrete contractor, are there any advantages to “buying local?”

A. Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. thinks that “buying local” provides significant benefits to the local economy.  When you hire Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc., we try to purchase as much of our materials from local vendors as we can. We rent or purchase equipment from local rental companies. We hire subcontractors from the area, if needed. Every Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. employee lives in our local servicing area, so our local municipalities receive our corporate and personal tax dollars. Money is deposited into local banks. And dollars are spent on retail, dining, and other services throughout our community.

Does Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. utilize environmentally friendly, or “green” construction practices?

Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. is dedicated to a cleaner environment and employs practices promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council. Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. retains a LEED consultant to assist in the development of our “Green” program. 

Does Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. take any special safety precautions on the job?

Safety is a primary concern for Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc.  We have developed a comprehensive safety program to keep us current in safety methods and training. Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. conducts weekly toolbox safety meetings for our crews, and we require fall prevention classes for our superintendents and foremen. Additionally, our operators must earn and maintain licensing and certifications for the machinery they operate. Northeast Foundation & Concrete, Inc. takes safety seriously.

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